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Dear Host Family

Hello my name is Sonja Freund and I live in a town called Langen in Hesse. Langen is placed between Darmstadt and Frankfurt/Main.

I am 16 years old and my birthday is on the 13th of September. My family contains of 4 persons: my father Uwe (49), my mother Lucia (45), my brother Jens (13) and me. Sorry I have almost forgotten our dog Bonny. We do a lot of activities together. We go out with our dog or meet friends. In summer we go swimming in  swimming baths or in the lake near to the forest. In summer holidays we often go to France and spend our holidays there.

My father is a bank clerk and works in a bank in Frankfurt, my mother is a bank clerk, too, but she work three times in the week for half a day in a little office. My brother and I go to the same school, he is in the 6th grade and I am in the 10th grade. Sometimes we walk home together. My favourite subjects are sports and maths.

In my free time I go to my foster-horse and take care of it or ride it, meet friends, listen to music read books, play with my dog and do several activities with my family. On wednesday evening I go with my girlfriend Christiane and her mother to the square dance club. Sometimes we go travelling with our club.

On weekends I clean up my room. Sometimes I cook for the family and do my homework. Often I ride my foster-horse or meet my friends, sometimes my family and I visit  my Grandma, she lives in Bad Homburg that’s about 45 minutes far away from Langen. With my friends Í go to the cinema, sometimes we do our homework, together learn for schoolworks, play with my dog Bonny or talk about just everything.

I like persons who like to laugh, have humour and who can listen to me. I dislike persons who mob other persons or who are violent. My strengths are that I am reliable, punctual and adaptable. And my weakness is that I am sometimes too sensitive.

I like to go to the US because I want to learn about the American History, about the Culture and about the people. I know about America only from movies and from books. I want to get my own opinion of the US.

I want you dear host family, already thank you for opening your home for me and I am REALLY looking forward to getting to know you!!

Your Sincerely

Sonja Freund

Here you can see pictures from me and my family.

Here you find my email-adress.

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