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Myself   Sonja Freund

Hello, my name is Sonja Freund, i am 20 years old and my birthday is on the 13th of September. I live in a town called Langen in Hesse. Langen is placed between Darmstadt and Frankfurt/Main. My family contains of 4 persons: my father Uwe (53), my mother Lucia (48), my brother Jens (17) and me. Sorry I have almost forgotten our dog Bonny.

I go to the Weibelfeldschule, a high-school in Dreieich. I am in the 13 th (last) grade.

More you can read in the Host-Letter witch I have written for my “Host Family”.

August 2002 till July 2003 I was in Mosinee, Wisconsin / USA and went to the high school in Mosinee for a year. I lived in a family with two children, a boy (14) and a girl (12). They have a nice dog and a cat.

Here you can see pictures from me.

From july 2003 till july 2004 lived  Nikki, my 19 year old guest-sister from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA with us.

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